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GND & VAD  charts for DCS A-10C and FC3
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The 10thGunFighters virtual squadron presents new chart packages for the DCS flight simulation (v1.2.4+):
  •  Aerodrome (Ground) Charts for DCS: A-10C and Flaming
    Cliffs 3
  •  Visual Approach and Departure (VAD) Charts for DCS: A-10C
  •  Visual Approach and Departure (VAD) Charts for FC3 aircraft (new)

To do justice to the current development of the DCS series and the permanent requests regarding a FC3-specific version, the charts have been adjusted accordingly during the last few months. Therefore this new version is centered entirely on compatibility to Flaming Cliffs 3.

An update to the charts was also necessary after the decision to make our squadron-internal software accessible to a broader audience. A special feature that we would like to point out in this context is the full integration of the GND charts in the soon-to-be-released Aries ATC simulation.
The charts have been exported in the ATC software using geocoding.


Changelog 3.5 – 3.6

GND Charts:
  •  Modified (some) runway designations to match
    (the) simulation.
  •  Added true north headings (for FC3 compatibility).

VAD Charts for DCS A-10C
  •  Runway designations correspond to the new GND

VAD Charts for DCS FC3 (new):
  • The FC3 VAD charts have been newly created
    and take into account the navigation instruments
    as displayed in the cockpit.
  •  Please note the different heading indications
    between A-10C (magnetic heading) and FC3
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