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Welcome to Aries Wings Consulting, the specialist for radar simulation and flight simulator extensions for DCS World

Airborne Radio Aries Wings Airborne Radio: The airborne Radio is an extension to DCS World. It enables Sim-Pilots to communicate with other simmers on different frequencies, based on TeamSpeak. LeftConsole
ASR ASR: ASR simulates a digitized Aerodrome Surveillance Radar for DCS World.  ASR
PAR PAR: PAR simulates a precision approach radar for DCS world. PAR
GCI GCI: GCI simulates a Ground Controlled Intercept radar for DCS World GCI
Ground Radio Ground Radio: This is the Aries Wings Gossip Box, a standalone radio, based on TeamSpeak, for communication with Airborne Radio equipped Aircraft. GroundRadio
Flight Planning Tool      Balu's Flight Planning Tool: Consists of two modules. A Flight Planning Tool for mission preparation in DCS World and a Navigation Calculator offering the most used calculations and conversions in air navigation. FlightPlanning
GND & VAD Charts      GND & VAD  Charts for DCS: This map book in PDF format contains all relevant maps and data used for approach and departure at aerodromes in DCS world. GND_VAD
News Change log March.13th 2014
new          Aug, 24th 2014 Version  1.9491  of Aries Airborne Radio  is available  for download 
new           Aug,24th 2014 The manual installer package for .Version  1.9491  of Aries Airborne Radio  is available  for download
          June,19th 2014 A reworked version of  'Air Refueling for Beginners is available' for download

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